Up! When you aren't!

Need Private Label Service Desk?

Changes in hardware design, along with cybersecurity solutions may fall behind in protecting you against cyberattacks. Invest in a cybersecurity solution such as a MSP to stay ahead of today’s hackers. 

Build your own IT!

Site Survey

Schedule a Site Survey to determine your network needs and IT Infrastructure.

Suitable Individual Plans

Individual custom plans built around your IT and Technology needs. Create a support plan that works for you  in your environment. 

Web Design & Hosting

Need Web Monitoring or Hosting services. Give us a call for a consultation to create your website or implement your streaming services. .

What is a MSP?

43% of tech firms are hiring to backfill departing staff or retirements

MSP's provides the ability to simply call or email your IT to have network techs on standby waiting to service your request on demand.


Studying Courses Online

Studies show an increase in IT-related jobs for 2019 moving forward as companies look into incorporating more IT solutions to their business processes. Demand for these workers will stem from greater emphasis on cloud management software, collection and storage of big data, and information security. .

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Need your own Private IT but dont have a business?

There are more than 34 million smart homes in the U.S. today. Growing at 15% YoY (Workwave). We provide individual support and maintenance to non-business consumers alike.

UC & Network Setup?

Companies that have been in business less than 10 years are 2.2 times more likely to be planning to increase their technology spending in order to adopt newer technology compared to older companies. Let us provide Network and UC services to keep you up to date.

Field tech during COVID?

Why pay for a full time technician? 
  • For Field Service Technician in the U.S., the annual salary range is $28K to $59K with a national average of $41K. (Glassdoor)
  • 50% of organizations consider technician’s soft skills training as either their 1st or 2nd priority.

Plan Offerings

Individual Plans

Choose and build a plan that works for you whether you're a remote employee or just needing support for your home devices. 

Pay as you Go 

Pay for services in two ways: Pay per month or in 90 Day increments. 

Covid Documentation

COVID guidelines implemented on the state level to ensure work force safety and compliancy with government and board of health guidelines.

Competitive Pricing & Procurement

Unfamiliar with what software solutions work best in your environment. Let us assist with optimizing your environment based on your needs and industry.